Starting from the vision of an indigene, PR. Sukun is a tobacco company that maintains and develops the power of Indonesian kretek (clove cigarette)
The harmonious synergy between the old generation and the successors is the key to the success of PR. Sukun to face the changing period
Weaving the story, adding the significance, and preserving the tradition of journey to Indonesian taste

The History of PR. Sukun

The history of PR. Sukun began with Mc. Wartono, the fourth son of sixsiblings from Mr. Singo Sarpani’s family, the Village Head of Gondosari, Gebog Sub-district, Kudus. PR. Sukun was founded in 1947 and the expansion was still limited to Central Java. During the progress, PR. Sukun grew rapidly and the expansion reached up to Sumatra, Kalimantan, Bali, Lombok, and Sulawesi.

The History of Indonesian Cigarette

Talking about Indonesian cigarettes or local cigarettes, we should credit the kretek cigarette. The term of kretekderives from the crackling sound produced by the mixture of tobacco and clove in cigarettes when lit by fire.

This clove mixture in tobacco is a unique innovation nowhere found in other countries’ cigarettes. By some people, the innovation of tobacco and clove processing is also influenced by the local people’s habit of chewing betel nut which is often mixed with sliced and dried tobacco leaf as a tradition.

Hand-rolled, Filterless Kretek
Sigaret Kretek Tangan (SKT)

The handicraft is the main point of making Hand-rolled, Filterless Kretek (SKT). Moreover, the mixture of tobacco, clove, and sauce is the key of distinct taste of PR. Sukun’s SKT products.

Machine-rolled, Filter Kretek
Sigaret Kretek Mesin (SKM)

With the latest technology of Machine-rolled, Filter Kretek (SKM), PR. Sukun produces filtered modern cigarettes favored by the present generation to match their taste.

Klobot (Handmade Cornhusk paper) Cigarette

The exotic sensation is the backbone of klobot cigarette that still preserves traditional elements in the manufacture. Tobacco and clove are rolled by hand and then wrapped in cornhusk (klobot).

CSR Program of PR. SUKUN