Hand-rolled, Filterless Kretek – Sigaret Kretek Tangan

The handicraft is the main point of making Hand-Rolled, Filterless Kretek (SKT). Moreover, the blend of tobacco, clove, and sauce is the key of distinct taste of PR. Sukun’s SKT products.

Maintaining SKT products is becoming a PR. Sukun commitment to involve the surrounding community as part of company development.

The brands of SUKUN SKT


This is a legendary PR Sukun product, both in its packaging and its flavor. A distinctive blend of tobacco and cloveis still engrossing some enthusiasts of kretek cigarette. This cigarette is popularly called as Merah wangi (The Red of fragrant) by some enthusiasts due to the red bright packaging and the smoke fragrance.


SUKUN 2000

Introduced in the late 1990s, this cigarette has been a tremendous welcome because the mixture of tobacco, clove, and special sauces makes Sukun 2000 have a savory flavor. Sukun 2000 became the youth’s most favorite at that time.