Sukun was founded with a philosophical belief that human resources are the most important factor of developing the company’s progress. Therefore, we always foster a cooperative culture among employees and mutual respect and the respect between the older generation and the new generation in our company. 

We appreciate the loyalty and commitment of employees who have worked with us for years and it can be seen from the considerable number of employees who have been with us since the establishment of company.

Self-development remains our main focus along with the current development, so we keep looking for new personnel who are in line with our mission and vision of self-development. Our company was founded with a belief that the synergy between the old generation and the past generation is the strength and basic foundation in the company’s progress.

 We hope that the existence of young workers in our company will make some refreshment, inspiration and innovation for the success of company. Our management hopes that together with employees, we are able to create working conditions where we can support each other’s professionalism.

There are no vacancies available

There are no vacancies available