Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission of The Company

Our Mission and Vision
As a family company initially engaged in cigarette business, Sukun Cigarette Factory was founded to carry
Vision and Mission


Providing the best products and services at all points of our distribution network.


Developing, motivating, and rewarding the employees who have competence, character, and dedication to the company; providing a conducive working environment and ensuring the welfare; and giving space for the development of professionalism.

People and Community

Supporting socio-economic activities that enhance and improve the life quality of community in a sustainable and active way.

This MISSION is carried out to achieve our VISION as a company that is:

  • Promoting the innovation
  • Preserving the local traditional values
  • Maintaining the balance and harmony with humans and nature
  • Providing the consumer satisfaction with product and service
  • Becoming the leader of cigarette industry in Indonesia